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The Wildest Act

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Essay by Edward Abbey

An eight minute film essay that Ned Judge co-produced and directed with Ed Abbey in 1985.

Essay by Edward Abbey "I Loved it...I Loved it All" from Ned Judge on Vimeo.

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The Great Green Rush: Desert Solar Energy Leaving Tortoise in the Dust?

KCET - Rethink TV
Correspondent: Judy Muller
Producer: Karen Foshay
Associate Producer: Zach Behrens
Editor: Alberto Arce
Special thanks to Stephen M. Wessells of USGS for use of the desert tortoise footage.

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Songs Of The Colorado

Songs of the Colorado tells the story of the traditional songs of the Yuman-speaking people and how those songs connect them, through story, language and history.

At least 10 Indigenous Peoples along the Colorado River speak the Yuman language, including the Cucapa, Havasupai, Quechan and Yapavai. It is believed to be one of the oldest languages on the continent.

Unfortunately, because younger generations are not learning the language and Elders who do speak it are slowly passing away, the language is at risk of being lost—And with it, the unique songs and stories of all Yuman-speaking people.

Knowing this and hoping to spark an interest in reviving the language, Quechan filmmaker Daniel Golding set out to document Yuman songs, with grant funding obtained by Quechan Elder and Lead Singer Preston Arrow-Weed.

“The songs are all sung in the language, so if you’re not learning and picking up the language, then you won’t be able to understand the songs,” Golding said, in a recent interview with the Yuma Sun. “You could sing them phonetically, but there are actually words telling stories…”

Some of those stories take an entire night to tell. Known as song cycles, a Lead Singer like Arrow-Weed will begin performing when the sun sets and continue through the night, until the sun rises the following day. Some song cycles have as many as 300 songs that have to be performed in a particular order. Lead Singers dedicate their lives to learning each and every song.

Songs of the Colorado features interviews and performances from Arrow-Weed, Quechan Elder Vernon Smith, and Dale Phillips, vice chairman of the Cocopah and others.

The documentary was also witness to a rare gathering on the Quechan Reservation. Lead Singers from around the Colorado came together to talk about common issues like the loss of language and the effect it’s having on learning their songs.

“We shot there for two days and had singers from the different places come up and meet there and share some of their knowledge,” Golding said. “Toward the afternoon, it was cultural sharing, so each member was able to get up and perform for a little while and share some of their songs. That was nice because I’m not sure if some of the people here realize we’re related to some of the tribes down in Mexico.”

Songs of the Colorado premiered at the Quechan Community Center in California, USA, on December 11, 2010.

To learn more about the film or get in touch with Daniel Golding, visit http://www.hokanmedia.com

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BioBlitz in Saguaro National Park

Host Chris Conover talks to Saguaro National Park staff about BioBlitz, a 24-hour-long species listing citizen science project.

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Hope for the Colorado River Delta

A fantastic video by the Sonoran Institute on their work with Pronatura to restore the Colorado River Delta. Watch the whole thing.

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Antelope Valley Residents Harassed by County

The ideologically libertarian Reason.tv often has an axe to grind, but they do a great job portraying the situation in which long-time residents of the Antelope Valley are being harassed by Los Angeles County.

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Larry Hogue’s Ivanpah Video

The DPC’s own Larry Hogue put together a really lovely video-slideshow on YouTube to show what we’re losing at Ivanpah. Spread it around!

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Solar Gold: Massive Extinctions, Ecosystem Collapse in the Mojave

Solar Gold documents the impacts of Large Solar development on the Mojave Desert ecosystems and cultural resources.

1. An interview with Jim Andre, Director of the Granite Mountains Desert Research Institute, U. C. Riverside., predicting ecosystem collapse and massive species extinctions.

2. Documents and explains sacred sites at Ivanpah that Brightsource energy says don’t exist, and which should be protected by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

3. Ivanpah Spirit Run to pray for and save the people, plants and animals of the Ivanpah Valley and of the Mojave, with Native American tribal elders and spiritual leaders.

Solar Gold is funded by people, not corporations. Contribute to Solar Gold production here: indiegogo.com/​Solar-Gold

Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Robert Lundahl. ©2010 Robert Lundahl, Freshwater Bay Pictures, LLC

Contact: Robert Lundahl, 415.205.3481, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Solar Gold: Massive Extinctions, Ecosystem Collapse in the Mohave. from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.

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Desert Cahuilla slideshow

Beautiful images and haunting music featuring one of Southern California’s endangered treasures.

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Desert Activists on KPCC

Molly Peterson of Southern California’s public radio station KPCC visited a Sierra Club Desert Committee meeting in November and interviewed a few in attendance, including the DPC’s Terry Weiner and Chris Clarke. This video is the result.

Desert Activists from 89.3 KPCC on Vimeo.

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Shocking projection of mass extinctions in the Mojave Desert

Shocking projection of mass extinctions in the Mohave Desert: Impact of large solar development on desert ecosystems from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.

An Interview with Jim Andre, director of the University of California’s Granite Mountains Desert Research Center, on the impact of solar development on Mojave Desert biodiversity.

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Desert Cahuilla Prehistoric Area

A visual treat from our archives: the Desert Cahuilla Prehistoric Area — beautiful, fragile, and threatened by Off-Road Vehicles.

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