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Solar Gold: Massive Extinctions, Ecosystem Collapse in the Mojave

Solar Gold documents the impacts of Large Solar development on the Mojave Desert ecosystems and cultural resources.

1. An interview with Jim Andre, Director of the Granite Mountains Desert Research Institute, U. C. Riverside., predicting ecosystem collapse and massive species extinctions.

2. Documents and explains sacred sites at Ivanpah that Brightsource energy says don’t exist, and which should be protected by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

3. Ivanpah Spirit Run to pray for and save the people, plants and animals of the Ivanpah Valley and of the Mojave, with Native American tribal elders and spiritual leaders.

Solar Gold is funded by people, not corporations. Contribute to Solar Gold production here: indiegogo.com/​Solar-Gold

Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Robert Lundahl. ©2010 Robert Lundahl, Freshwater Bay Pictures, LLC

Contact: Robert Lundahl, 415.205.3481, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Solar Gold: Massive Extinctions, Ecosystem Collapse in the Mohave. from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.