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Stunning Salton Sea Documentary Now Available to the Public!

Terry at Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge, Salton Sea     Photo by: Christina Lange

In May, we reported that DPC’s Conservation and Projects Coordinator, Terry Weiner, made a successful introduction of the wonderful Salton Sea Documentary Breaking Point to 700 Brawley Union High School Students. The students learned about the beauty and critical importance of the Salton Sea to birds, invertebrates, fish and other mammals, as well as to human beings.

The film elaborates on the decades of hand-wringing on the part of scientists, agencies and politicians—and the utter lack of implementation of a single plan—to protect the Salton Sea from becoming ever more salty as it evaporates more and more rapidly.

The film eloquently portrays the international importance of this last available stopover for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway. It addresses the urgency of the imminent air quality emergency, and economic and environmental disaster, which will impact millions of people in southern California when all Colorado River inflows to the Salton Sea will cease in 2017. 

Click HERE to see the Film Trailer.

We are pleased to learn that Palomar College Television has officially released Breaking Point to the public. The filmmakers are making it available via Amazon (free to Amazon Prime Members), via rental for $2.99, or for purchase of the DVD for $9.99.

  East Side of Salton Sea     Photo by: Terry Weiner

This new availability of the documentary provides an opportunity for Breaking Point to reach a much wider audience both nationally and internationally. You can check out the listing on Amazon HERE.

The filmmakers request that viewers take a few minutes to ‘rate’ the film online, because early engagement of the public is critical to gaining visibility on Amazon. This of course will boost the documentary’s ability to gain a wider audience by guiding potential viewers to the film.

DPC appreciates Breaking Point as the most compelling educational tool we have discovered for informing people about the importance of the Salton Sea, so we encourage you to get a copy and share it with your family, friends and colleagues. 

The Salton Sea and the Coachella and Imperial Valleys of California are on the verge of an unprecedented environmental crisis if the Salton Sea is not saved. This film describes a number of current proposals that could help with this crisis, and presents the viewer with ways in which he/she can help save the Salton Sea. 

Please do check out Breaking Point on Amazon very soon!

For more information, you can contact:

Mona (Witherington) Urban
Production Coordinator
Palomar College Television
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
(760) 744-1150 x3131