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Group Forms to Oppose Wind Projects Near Pioneertown

A group of Pioneertown and Pipes Canyon residents, fresh from defeating LADWP’s Green Path North, is banding together to fight a proposed wind project on Black Lava Butte and nearby hills.

From the Save Our Desert website:

Did you believe when we won the Green Path North fight that our desert was safe, that no towers would ever march across our Buttes and threaten our homes ?  So did we. 
Sadly, we were wrong. 

Have you seen the helicopters hovering over Pipes Canyon and Pioneertown recently and wondered what they’re up to?  Have you heard they’ve been ferrying construction materials up onto the Buttes?  And did you know there are four wind-measuring towers being built on Black Lava Butte and Flat Top and that two 200ft towers are already visible on the Buttes ?  And this is just the beginning.  With BLM permission, and without advising local residents, speculators are planning to build a forest of wind turbines on our two Buttes.  If they’re allowed to go ahead, access roads will be constructed in Pipes Canyon, Pioneertown, and surrounding communities, fire danger will rise, property values will fall, native flora and fauna will be decimated, there will be rock-blasting and noise, and EMF emissions from the turbines, and the beauty and tranquility of our area will be a thing of the past. Are we going to allow this to happen after the fight we put up to defeat Green Path North?  You bet we’re not.  Find out exactly what is happening and what YOU can do to stop it by looking at the documents on this website, by writing to us at:

The group is asking for your help to write letters to the BLM to oppose these projects. More details here.