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Basin and Range Watch Becomes a 501 Non-profit Conservation Organization

The Desert Protective Council is deeply delighted to welcome Basin and Range Watch (B&RW) into the community of formally incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit-organizations.

Laura Cunningham and Kevin Emmerich began Basin and Range Watch in 2008 to serve as an online presence dedicated to informing the public about desert conservation issues. Their website is an appealing, detailed and up-to-date source of information on the latest threats to our desert ecosystems, especially from large-scale solar and wind projects. It contains a wealth of information on related public hearings, comment deadlines and other important information to enable one to engage in the public process.

If you care about the deserts of California and Nevada in particular, you will want to bookmark their website, visit it daily and consider making a contribution to their work! Laura and Kevin, in their professions as wildlife biologists, and in their natural avocations based on love of the desert, have visited more corners of the desert southwest than any other persons known to the DPC. Not only have they worked and lived in the desert, they have taken the time, on their hiking and camping excursions, to document the habitat, and post their reports and photographs on their website. In fact, most of their excursions in the past four years have been dedicated primarily to recording the beauty and biodiversity of desert places threatened by industrial wind and solar development. Laura and Kevin also take the time to travel long distances to public hearings on proposed large-scale solar and wind projects to give testimony to the importance and irreplaceable beauty and the irreparable harm threatened and endangered species.

Now that Basin and Range Watch is a non-profit, you can contribute tax-deductible donations. B&RW will continue to be an all-volunteer organization. They need funds to help defray the expenses of documentation equipment, for expenses related to travel to meetings and for web site work, among other things.  Now that they have the ability to attract donations, they are planning to organize educational desert hikes, school presentations and perhaps classes in nature writing and drawing.

As co-founders of Solar Done Right, DPC has worked closely with Basin and Range Watch for several years, especially against desert-destroying large-scale desert energy projects. We are thrilled that our Conservation Coordinator, Terry Weiner, has been invited to participate on B&RW’s newly created Board of Directors.

All desert lovers will want to welcome and support Basin and Range Watch. Theirs is one of the few staunch-voiced, knowledgeable and politically savvy grassroots organizations focused exclusively on protecting our beloved southwest deserts. The desert certainly needs more stalwart voices!

You can reach Board President and Executive Director, Laura Cunningham at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).