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Peninsula Bighorn Sheep by Janene Colby

On a brilliantly clear February morning, I sit quietly on the saddle of a ridgeline looking through my spotting scope at a group of bighorn sheep bedded on the opposite slope.

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Sand Dune Community of Life by Roland Ross, Ph.d.

Have you ever wondered about sand dunes and why they are called “living” dunes?

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Biological Soil Crusts – Webs of Life in the Desert by Jayne Belnap

What and where are biological soil crusts? And how can we protect them?

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The Desert Protective Council Turns 60 - a Bird’s Eye View: by Terry Weiner

The Desert Protective Council continues to be the longest-lived desert conservation organization in the U.S. for a combination of reasons.

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Understanding the Battle for Public Lands by Alfred Runte

Understanding the battle for Our Public Lands by Alfred Runte

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A Brief History of Philip L. Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center by Al Muth

A history of the beginnings of the Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center that brings you up to date with the research concerns of today.

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The Splendid Ocotillo

by James W. Cornett

There is one Southwest desert plant found on more street signs, businesses and schools than any other plant species — the ubiquitous ocotillo.

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Night Sky

by Shaun Gonzales

A dazzling display of stars in the night sky is a resource visitors to the desert often expect and take for granted. Light pollution has invaded the night sky, much like urban sprawl engulfs our wildlands, although there are simple steps each of us can take to solve the problem of light pollution.

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Are We Losing Our Heritage Of Silence?

How Grand Canyon became “Noisy Park” and why we need national litigation to restore natural quiet to the Grand Canyon and other national parks.

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