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DPC Action Alert

We are posting this on behalf of our friends in the Joshua Tree Area.  Bobcats have a lot of habitat in the California high desert and adjacent mountain ranges.

Take Action to End Bobcat Trapping in California Now!

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Important Petition Regarding Algodones Dunes: Please Support and Sign!

Dear Desert Defenders,
The Bureau of Land Management in Southern California has dropped ORV fees for the upcoming Martin Luther King weekend in ORV open areas in Imperial County, including Lark Canyon and the Algodones Dunes…

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We Don’t Need to Sacrifice California’s Deserts for Renewable Energy

DPC supports the development of renewable energy. So why are we co-sponsoring a petition to protect our desert from remote, large-scale solar and wind projects? Because we know there is a better way.
More renewable energy is available from rooftop solar in San Diego and Los Angeles Counties than will be derived from the siting of utility-scale generating facilities on the two million acres of desert habitat called for in the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan…

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Silurian Valley: A Cause for Celebration

Photo Courtesy of Basin and Range Watch

In these days of constant battles, on many fronts, to preserve our deserts from industrialization and other threats, it’s easy to feel as if we, as individuals and small organizations, can’t make a difference – that we have no chance against huge, powerful corporations and government policies. It’s easy to feel defeated before we even begin. But we can and do make a difference when we speak out and take a stand. The recent BLM (Bureau on Land Management) decision to spare Silurian Valley for future generations, is an example of such a victory…

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Urgent: Your Comments Needed on DRECP!

How can we in good conscience allow carving up of more of the California desert when there are still hundreds of thousands of rooftops that could be producing solar energy and helping us meet our renewable energy goals? ~Terry Weiner

A second DRECP meeting in the desert has been scheduled in Joshua Tree on Wednesday, November 19th, in the Joshua Tree community Center. We hope you can attend and speak up for the desert. If you don’t personally feel well-enough informed to comment on the DRECP, you can still be a great help to others who will be submitting, by emailing a request to extend the comment period by 90-120 days.

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The Deserts Need Your Voice at Upcoming DRECP Meetings!

Your participation is needed at the upcoming DRECP meetings regarding their plans to industrialize the California Desert.
by Terry Weiner

The Draft Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) is now available for review and comment.

This plan has been prepared by US Fish and Wildlife, the BLM, the California Energy Commission, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, along with numerous contracted consultants, and covers about 2 million acres of our California Desert. It will impact endangered wildlife, critical habitat, air and water quality, cultural resources, private and public lands, agricultural land, and preserved open space.

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The Desert Renewable Energy Plan Hits the Streets

On September 26th, the BLM and the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced in the Federal Register the availability of the long-awaited Draft Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) Draft EIR/EIS.

How can we in good conscience allow carving up of more of the California desert when there are still hundreds of thousands of rooftops that could be producing solar energy and helping us meet our renewable energy goals?

Read why the DPC disagrees with the premise of the DRECP, which is to continue expanding renewable energy development in our beleaguered California desert.

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The Cost of Inaction at the Salton Sea

The Cost of Doing Nothing at Salton Sea May Be Higher Than the Cost of Repair

According to Michael Cohen, senior associate with the Pacific Institute, and author of the report Hazard’s Toll, the declining Salton Sea will impose massive public and environmental costs on local residents, and Californians in general.

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Film Reveals Cultural Treasures Slated for Destruction

In 2010, when filmmaker Robert Lundahl began to explore the Native American culture of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts, he didn’t anticipate that the very sites he would gain unique access to, might soon be destroyed.

The film Who Are My People? reveals over twenty rare and ancient sites endangered by solar development in the Mojave Desert. It premiers Saturday September 13th in Joshua Tree, CA.

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Action Alert: Your Comments Needed on Palen Solar Project

The California Energy Commission has set another hearing for the Palen Solar Power Project in Blythe – to take place July 28-31. Although the CEC recommended denying the permit for this project last winter, based on impacts to avian fauna and cultural resources, the entire case has been reopened at the request of Brightsource.

It’s important to voice your concerns at these hearings, as they will take public comments.

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Results from 2014 Anza-Borrego Bighorn Sheep Count

DPC congratulates Ranger Steve Bier for a superb job of coordinating sixty volunteers and compiling the data from the recent 2014 Bighorn Sheep Count in Anza-Borrego, which ended July 6th. And a salute to the sixty volunteers for their dedication and hard work, making this count a success.

Here is a brief run down of the stats:


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ABF Wants to Say Thank You for Your Support - and so does DPC!

DPC would like to join Anza-Borrego Foundation in thanking you for your support and votes during the CBS Eco Ambassadors Campaign.

Every vote made a difference and the contest did a lot to raise awareness about Camp Borrego, which DPC has long supported.

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Anza-Borrego Foundation Needs Your Help

Many of you may already know that Desert Protective Council is a huge supporter of Camp Borrego, Anza-Borrego Foundation’s 5th Grade Environmental Education Program. But here is an easy way that you can lend your support at well.

Anza-Borrego Foundation (ABF) has been nominated as one of eight Eco Ambassadors through CBS 8 here in San Diego. This honor brings with it a voting campaign and a chance to win a $25,000 grant – which would go entirely to Camp Borrego, should ABF win.

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The Desert Protective Council Turns 60: a bird’s eye view - by Terry Weiner

Did you know that The Desert Protective Council (DPC) continues to be the longest-lived desert conservation organization in the U.S.?

How does a small, scrappy desert conservation organization, unheard of by most westerners, funded mainly by membership dues and run by volunteers for most of its 60 years, continue to make its voice heard on proposals for large energy development projects and other misguided ideas for exploitation of irreplaceable natural and cultural resources for private profit on our public lands in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts?

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Desert Committee Spring Meeting

The meeting will be a presentation and discussion of current issues relating to conservation of California and Nevada wilderness and deserts. We encourage you to take advantage of this informative gathering. You will be guests at the University of California’s James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve, a mountain setting on Hwy 243 between banning (on I-10 near Palm Springs) and Idyllwild. The meeting will be held in the reserve’s Trailfinder Lodge. Jeff Morgan will chair the meeting.

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Call to Action: OHMVR Commission Meeting

Do you want to help protect the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and other hiking trails on public lands from Off Road Vehicle Trespass and Damage?

Your presence is needed
at an important Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission Meeting…

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